Non-Accredited Training

Wardens & First Attack Firefighting

The First Attack Firefighting component of this program introduces you to the various types of portable fire fighting equipment commonly found in work environments.

Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) Warden

Being well prepared and trained in the event of an emergency before first responders arrive is critical. This course will equip personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the role of Warden in a workplace during an emergency.

First Attack Firefighting

This program has a practical component where participants will be required to demonstrate use of an extinguisher on a small fire and may include use of hose reels and fire blankets.

HealthCare Wardens & First Attack Firefighting

This program ensures your Emergency Coordinators (Chief Wardens) through to Emergency Officers (Wardens) are trained in emergency preparedness, evacuation and first attack firefighting.

ComSafe Facilitated Evacuation Drill

The best defence in an emergency situation is well trained people. The purpose of an Evacuation Drill is to assist personnel to know thier roles and responsibilities in an emerency situation in accordance with the workplace plan and procedures, and to test the workforce response to an emergency.

Observe Evacuation Exercise

Our review of your evacuation exercise is designed to observe your response to a critical incident and provide extensive feedback to your organisation. ComSafe will observe and provide a report for your organisations records. An evacuation checklist will be provided at the conclusion of the evacuation exercise for compliance purposes.

General Fire Safety Presentation

This course will focus on fire safety and prevention, providing participants with an overview of potential common household emergency situations. Our Trainer will deliver an informative discussion on various aspects of home fire safety and prevention topics.

Fire Panel/Emergency Warning Systems

This course will equip the members of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) with the skills and knowledge to confidently operate their Fire Indication Panel (FIP) and Emergency Warning Intercommunication Systems (EWIS).


General Occupant Training

In accordance with Work Health and Safety legislation, all occupants/employees must receive training in their workplace to enable them to act in accordance with the facility’s Emergency Plan.

Emergency Control Organisation Warden eLearning

This course is designed to equip the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) members with the knowledge and skills required to effectively perform the duties and safely evacuate the workplace in the event of an emergency, enhancing skills in risk assessment, emergency prevention, preparedness, and recovery.

Specialty Courses

Hazardous Chemical Spills

This program applies to personnel who respond to an incident involving dangerous goods and hazardous substances and provides the skills and knowledge to identify and assess the hazards and risks.

4×4 Drive and Basic Recovery

Our program is a non accredited course designed to provide participants with the skills to drive and operate 4×4 vehicles safely. This includes the systematic, safe and efficient control of all of the vehicle functions.

Emergency Response Team Training

Our team will work with you to ensure that your Emergency Response Teams are prepared for any site emergency that you may encounter. This course is a customisable course based your industry, utilising your operational requirements and policies and procedures.

Refresher Courses

Fire Safety Officer Refresher

This program provides a refresher for participants to perform the duties and responsibilities of the Fire Safety Officer.