Course – Fire Safety Officer 

I have had the privilege of completing the Fire Safety Officers Course this week. I can safely (no pun intended) say it was one of the most beneficial courses I have ever attended. I learnt heaps and found it extremely engaging. The presenters Rob and Gary were excellent. They were very thorough and delivered the information in a very interesting format, both theory and practical. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge in fire safety.

– Abigail, Anglicare

Course – Wardens and First Attack

Good, excellent, definitely knew his stuff, very knowledgeable and down to earth

Gavin was interesting and I enjoyed the course, very engaging, liked his real life scenarios, found the PowerPoint a little too long

Great, amazing, engaging and funny. Liked his openness about how passionate he is about his trade, impressive.

Passionate, excited and genuine. It made me want to do well, and understand and raise awareness.  Fire Safety training isn’t usually the most exciting topic however Gavin made me want to do better and listen with respect as he clearly loves the topic.

The Housing Connection

Course – Wardens and First Attack

The blend of online for connected staff and the face to face for others worked really well for us.

Kit,  Cass Care

Course – Healthcare Wardens and First Attack

Dan was a great trainer – very informative and good style of presenting. Provided clear guidance as to the roles and responsibilities of the emergency control organisation. Many thanks

Avril, Kurrajong Community & District Nursing Home

Course – Emergency Response Team

Both Jason and Robert were very professional and knowledgeable about their roles and history. They provided real life situations and personal events to outline why this training is so important. They explained all the required info in depth and at a level that was customised to each student to allow them to understand what was being delivered. Have already expressed to my chain of command that this course was extremely beneficial and provided all students with a depth of knowledge to go out into their roles with a sound understanding of what’s required.

Phillip, ADF

Course – Drive Vehicles under Operational Conditions

The trainers were very helpful, supportive and wanted the best for all participants. They gave constructive feedback across the training days to help me improve and helped me to realise my abilities.

Carly, Transport for NSW

Course – Emergency Control Organisation – Accredited

Very informative. The presenters Jason and Robert were very knowledgeable and made the training very interesting. Highly recommended.

Leanne, The University of Sydney